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    Default My experience with David's Bridal (Chicago)

    I have gone to two DB locations in the Chicagoland area and have mixed feeling aboud DB. The two locations I visited couldn't be more different. First I went to the one in Norridge (Harlem Ave). DO NOT GO THERE! The sales people are so rude. The first time I went there was on a Wednesday. I didn't make an appt. Went there on a whim. But they told me appt. are not necessary, and beside how busy can they be on a Wednesday night. The salesgirl was so rude. Although there was only ONE bride there and two sales girls, I was told that I could only look at dresses but not try any on since I didn't make an appt. My friend called the manager over and asked her why this was. Well, the manager paged that salesgirl and made her help me. I got to try on dresses after all. The sales girl must have been upset with me because she did not help me at all. She told me I could only try on dresses in my size and if I like a certain style that they did not stock in my size, tough cookies for me. I found out later at another DB that they'll order any dress in my size from another store. The second time I went to this DB, I was treated even worse. I called ahead to ask if I could stop by to try on a dress I had seen on thier website. It was 7:45, they close at 9, I was told that the store would be closing soon and no I couldn't come in. I told the girl I didn't understand that because the last time I was there I stayed until 8:30. She gave me an attitude and made a big stink about registering taking a long time, even after I told her I had already registered. Finally, she gave up and said I could come in but only try on ONE dress. Things didn't get any better when I got there. She reminded me again about the time. Rushed me into a dressing room, stood outside and timed me. This from people that want my business? The other DB I visited was in Lombard. Completely different experience. I called them on a SATURDAY at 3pm and was able to come in try on dresses that same day one hour later. The sales girl was friendly and very helpful. And didn't pressure me to buy a dress that same day.

    Another thing about the DB in friend had the worse experience with alterations. A friend of mine got married last year. She bought her dress at the DB in Lombard, but had the alterations done in Norridge since it was more convenient. One month before the wedding she hands over the dress for alterations. She gained weight, unfortunately, and they had to let out the dress and fix the hem. They told her no problem, plenty of time. Four days before the wedding, she gets the call that the dress is done. She comes in to pick up the dress and it is ruined. The side stitching looked like it was done in a hurry. You could see the holes made by the needle, as if she used a 3" wide needle. The hem was so crooked, it looked like a child did it. And then they told her that they could fix it, but she'd have to pay again, even though it was their fault (no refunds). So now they can do the alterations when the wedding is only 4 days away, yet it took them almost a month to do the first alteration. Hmm? My friend was hysterical! But faced with no other choice, she almost agreed to do a second alteration. Fortunately she found somebody's grandmother that was a seamstress, who fixed it for free.

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    Default RE: My experience with David's Bridal (Boise)

    Unlike other people's experiences with David's Bridal, mine was the best dress shopping experience thus far. I had my own "consultant", Ann who helped me into and out of the dresses. If I changed my mind about a style, veil, shoe, headpiece, they ran (no joke) to retrieve it for me. I had, at one point, three people helping me, and the store was busy. They also had the sizes that I needed, unlike the other stores that I had been to. Those stores required that I use plastic clips to size the dress, and no one helped me into those bulky dresses. My only problem with David's was that I was told that I had to purchase the dress off the rack. Some of the dresses I had tried on had huge make-up smudges and torn seams. If I do purchase my dress from David's, do I insist that they order me a new dress? How would I know that it wasn't one off the rack?

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