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    Default Don't be taken advantage of at Kleinfeld

    I was told to go to Kleinfeld because it was the best and most
    helpful bridal salon around. As soon as I walked in, the saleswoman asked, "so are
    you buying or just looking?" I was offended by this question -after all, how
    would I be treated if was just looking? I had brought a picture of a beeautiful dress from a magazine. The saleswoman had the exact dress and I
    tried it on. As I suspected, it was a very good style for me, but because this
    was my first time looking for a dress, I wanted to do a little comparison
    shopping before making a decision. (I had been advised "never buy the first
    dress you see.")The dress I really liked was $2100. I explained that this was over my
    budget, and the saleswoman said the price was negotiable. I explained that I
    wasn't going to make a decision just yet, but that I'd call her. The next week, I
    called to see what the negotiated price would be. She said, "$2100." When I
    explained to her that this was the original price, she denied it and said that
    $2100 was as low as she'd go. Coincidentally, I found out that at the designer's
    boutique the same dress was $400 cheaper. Coincidentally, I ended up getting
    my dress at Bridals by Roma in Clifton, New Jersey. Although the store is not
    quite as exclusive-feeling as Kleinfeld, I got a gorgeous dress for $2000 and
    the best part: FREE alteration. Kleinfeld charges $400.

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    Default RE: Don't be taken advantage of at Kleinfeld

    I got a bit annoyed at Roma's. "We don't beat prices because our prices are the cheapest in this area." Meanwhile, RK Bridal had the same dress for $200 less and had it for $275 less than RK did.

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