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    Default Storing dress until big day??

    I bought my dress from David's last weekend. I know they don't have the best rep, but the service I received was good. I loved that I could find the dress I want, hold it in my very own hands and look it over with a fine tooth comb before walzing out the door with it. THAT makes me feel GOOD! And with the price tag of $475, I'm pretty happy.
    Now, my problem. I bought a lovely strapless dress, and it has a rather large (heavy) train. Right now it is hanging in the garment bag on a plastic hanger, waiting for me to figure out what to do with it! I don't think letting it hang by the lingerie straps for 7 months until my wedding is a really good idea, but I have two cats, so laying it flat under a bed or something is not a great idea in my mind. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help!

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    kapow Guest

    Default RE: Storing dress until big day??

    This might work: hang it over two hangers, like you would men's pants, but space the two out so that they balance the load of the dress. Put a dress bag or dry cleaner's bag over it to protect it. Every month or so, change the position of the hangers so that a different section of the dress is touching the hangers. Assuming that you will have it cleaned before your wedding, any fold marks from the hangars will be gone. HTH!

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