First off, I LOVE THE BOOK! Bridal Bargins.

In response to the Bellueve Brides Blacklist here's mine.

So here is my story. I first picked out an Anne Barge dress ($4200), but realized, that I would rather save the big bucks that I would drop for the dress. And instead opt for a down payment on a house. So I decided to go to a small low-end dress shop and get a dress there. WHAT A MISTAKE! I walked in there and I felt that I was entering the goodwill of dresses. They had pulled all the tags out of the dresses. Had them jammed in these plastic garmet bags (so they were wrinkled messes). And when I asked them about, they replied, well it is because we are afraid the larger-chains are going to put the smaller bridal shops out of business. Oh BooHoo. The only chain bridal salon is David's and I like most other brides wouldn't be caught dead in there. So I left again dressless.

But I learned a trick ask to see the fabric samples of the dresses. Most of those women aren't smart enough to realize the name of the designer is right on there.

So here is my blacklist of bridal salons in the Greater Twin Cities Area:

Jo Faroh's Bridal Salon - Tag Rippers and Scammers

Marshall Field's Bridal Salon - Still avoiding it after the whole Vera Wang Incident. Plus she sized up my ring and when she realized I had a simple posey band started showing me low-end dresses.

Bridal Center - You could shoplift a dress if you really wanted to. No one is there to help.

Amy Jane Bridal - Unless you are a size 4 don't go there. Nothing will fit a "normal" woman.

Rush's Bridal Salon - Were rude and wouldn't let me try on any dresses cause they wouldn't have fit. FYI: I am a size 10. I had shown up in shorts and a t-shirt and claiming I was getting married in a garden . And then I went in a second time in a nice business suit and claimed I was getting married at the Cathedral of St. Paul. They walked me right over to the $3000+ Dresses. (I am actually getting married in a garden).

JoAnn's Bridal - Very crowded and couldn't find a thing. Plus I didn't want to have to pay for cleaning.

The Wedding Shoppe - You'll never have the same person. All those woman working there are brides to be, who only want a discount on there dress. (I say, go by the book and look a little further).

The only shop I loved: Bridal Accents Couture. There service was top-notch. And answered every question I had honestly. But can't justify the Anne Barge dress.