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    Default Davids Bridal Austin - Any one with thoughts???

    Hi all, I'm a recent bride-to-be with an October 4, 2003 wedding date. I *love* the Bridal Bargains book and have been taking a lot of their advice to heart. Which is why I was avoiding David's Bridal... until yesterday. I've been to over 6 salons in my area, from the upscale to Bridesmart. I have tried on about 75-100 dresses, but none of them grabbed me (or those that did were *way* out of my price range). So, I finally relented and stopped at the David's Bridal yesterday (Sunday) with my mother (who was just in town for the weekend to help me shop). We had been to David's before in other cities for my sister's wedding and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the service we received in Austin. The consultant assigned to me was very nice and satyed with me the entire time. At one point, there were 3 consultants and the head seamstress helping me with the dresses and advice on how to alter the dresses. So, lo and behold, the very last dress I put on (which I had originally passed up and the consultant brought it back based on my description of what I wanted) was *just* what I had been looking for and was well within my price range. BUT, it was a size too small - so the consultant told me that they would have to order it in my size and promised it would be no later than 12 weeks. I didn't purchase it, yet, but went home and reread what was said in Bridal Bargains, so now I'm completely torn on what to do. I fear that ordering it may introduce stress (esp if they lose my order), but on the other hand, if it's the dress I want, maybe I should take the chance?! Has anyone out there actually ordered their dress from them and had a good experience. I'm esp. interested to hear from any Austin Brides.
    Also, although the alterations cost more there, they are willing to do them and then allow me to take the dress to my wedding location (NY) and have it cleaned and pressed at their Davids up there for 'free' (which would sort of save me the costs of doing it at a dry cleaners in NY after I cart the dress from TX). Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much

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    Default RE: Davids Bridal Austin - Any one with thoughts???

    If you are finding dresses you like but they are a little expensive check out I'm from Austin and i'm ordering my bridesmaid dresses through them. They carry many designers as they are a retail dress shop that sells on-line. You bypass tax and shipping is free.

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    I bought my dress from David's Bridal and now I've lost weight so can trade the dress in for a smaller size. The only thing I did like about David's is that I feel if you spend enough money there to buy your dress alterations should be free or a least the bride gets a discount. They want to charge me $150.00 to adjust the halter strap and alter a bow. If you puchase a dress from them, try to find someone else to do your alterations. Oh I fotgot. one of my bridesmaid dresses was mistakenly sent to another store and to get the bridesmaids dress hemed is alot also.

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    Default RE: Davids Bridal Austin - Any one with thoughts???

    I bought my dress from the daivd's bridal in Plymouth Meeting PA

    I had a wonderful experianice!
    My consultant brought me "the dress" on a whim as something she thought I might like!
    After expressing my concern after reading the bridal bargain book my consultant didn' even unpack my special order until I got there and we went over the whole dress together. Everyone was so helpful and sweet. Some people may have had bad experiances, But I would recommend David's to all my friends

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