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    hduncan Guest

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    Has anyone had any experience with RK Bridal? Their prices are extremely competitive, but I'm hoping there are some brides out there who have dealt with them, and who can give me some honest feedback about their customer service, delivery, and quality.

    Thanks so much!

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    MEILIN Guest

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    I have several friends who had good experiences with RK. For myself I chose Pearls, I think they are the best, but I do have friends who used RK and were satisfied.

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    ladyleah Guest

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    RK Bridal was wonderful with me! Their "no frills" quote was $35 over several other quotes that I received from other companies. But they matched the price with no hassle! The people I delt with over the phone, through email, and fax were excellent.

    I was really nervous about ordering something this important online......but when I received my dress 2 weeks ago (3 days EARLIER then quoted)...I was was perfect!!!! It was the correct size, beautifully packaged, and included the zippered garment bag which has been really handy! There were no rips, tears, stains, or flaws....and it was barely wrinkled from the excellent packaging.

    I allowed myself a GREAT deal of time because I was worried that something would go wrong.....but I was shocked that nothing did! (but, I also did my homework and made sure that I was ordering the right size, etc...etc.)

    The dress I ordered would have cost me $715 in the MACY's Bridal Salon (including the tax & $150 "flat fee" for alterations)....but my total price was $386 (I have a friend doing the minor alterations for almost nothing). That is a savings of $329...well over %40!!!

    Thanks so much Denise and Alan for the information in your book---and thanks RK Bridal for a great experience!!!!

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