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    ter44 Guest

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    After discovering your site last week, I spent the entire week requesting quotes from the various different web sites mentioned in these message boards and in your book CyberWeddings. I located the gown I wanted on the Galina web site, and then sent requests for quotes to 6 different discount web sites (,,, RKBridal,, and

    I did not have a style # for the dress, but described it as best I could and also told the companies where they could find a picture of the dress on the Galina Gown web site.

    Within 1 day, I received responses from almost everyone, with prices ranging from $660 to $782 (the gown was selling for $1050 in the store in my city). Some quotes included shipping and tax, others did not, so be sure to ask about tax, shipping, and any extra charges, and whether you pay 100% upfront or in installments. Also, some sites asked me to call their store (some sites actually have stores that carry the exact same dresses which are sold at full price!) because they could not quote over the phone (while others sent me a quote via email). Calling the store actually helped because I got to ask questions, and one of the people in the store was able to provide me with the style # of the dress - another store pulled the dress off the rack and then described it to me so I could be sure it was the right one.

    The highest quote was from Pearl's Place ($782) and the lowest came in from 3 different sites (Discount Bridal, Bridal Marketplace, and (at $665). I really wanted to order from Pearls' because they assured a 3-month delivery and had the best reputation. So I sent another email to Pearls' asking if they would match the $660 I got from the other web sites - and they wrote back and said they would! So, I've not only got the lowest price, but they threw in the tax and shipping (which they previously were going to charge me for) and I will have it in 3 months!

    Now, all I have to do is hope my dress arrives on time (and it's the right dress). I do suggest you ask as many questions and try to negotiate if you are set on ordering from a particular web site. It never hurts to ask! I am so thrilled to be saving $400 and will recommend the BridalGown web site and Pearl's to everyone I know!

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    seline Guest

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    I am glad that you purchased from Pearl's Place. I had the best service with them. They might have misquoted your gown as my friend visited their store and said that they are so busy, with both their in store customers and the phones that make it rather hurried in there.

    I just love them and Courtney is wonderful and full of hints and help for your wedding, if she ever gets a moment to speak. I find that about 5:00 eastern time is the best time to call as things get a little less harried there.


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    ter44 Guest

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    Seline -

    How long did it take for you to receive your gown from Pearl's? Was it within the timeframe they promised? That's my only worry.

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    MEILIN Guest

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    I wanted to also say that I had great delivery from Pearl's Place. My gown came in 1 months early. But my sister's was a week longer. It just depends, as I found out, that many manufactures take longer than others.


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    June 1, 2002 Bride

    Does the Pearl's place price include shipping? I am now shopping for BM dresses. Pearl's doesn't carry my sad!

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