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    After months of searching for the perfect dress I finally decided on one by Eden Bridals. Although I was very happy with customer service I received from while I was searching for a dress, they did not carry this designer - although I recommend them for prompt replies to email and an excellent website.

    To get my Eden gown I sought quotes from a number of internet discounters and ended up using Bridalmarketplace - they gave me the best quote which included tax and shipping, and they charged the bare minimum extra charge for a larger size. Others were quoting between $45-60 for a larger size, but bridalmarketplace only charged an extra $20 - which made their final price even better. I ordered through their 800-number and they were very friendly on the phone, and I never felt rushed. They sent a written order verification and credit card receipt to me in the mail, and called me when the dress was on its way to me. To top it off, I received the gown in perfect condition via UPS in less than one month from my order, even though I wasn't expecting it until January.

    I have now ordered my bridemaids dresses through them as well - again the lowest quote, and far lower than retail ($190 +tax in the stores versus $125 each (including tax and shipping) through Bridalmarketplace). Again, one dress needed to be ordered in a larger size, and they quoted me the smallest extra charge for that than anyone else ($16). So far I have been very pleased and hopefully I will not be disappointed.

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    I have not ordered my dress yet, but I am also looking at an Eden's dress. I went to, and they did not have Eden's listed there. Are they authorized to sell Eden's?
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