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    Katherine Guest

    Default Best Buy Bridal anyone?

    Hello -

    I just ordered my dress from and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? I placed my order over the phone with Barbara and she was a pleasure.

    I received about 8 quotes from the net including Pearl's Place, RK Bridal, Bridesave, Netbride, and DBS. Best buy bridal was the lease expensive by $53.

    I'd love to hear any feedback - good or bad on this site.


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    Razzle Dazzle Guest

    Default RE: Best Buy Bridal anyone?

    I just got a FANTASTIC quote them, and they went below the lowest price I received by $40. It also seems like they are authorized dealers of Eden (the one I'm interested in), so that's good. The contact they gave me was also Barbara. Was she verynice to deal with?
    Razzle Dazzle

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    waack Guest

    Default RE: Best Buy Bridal anyone?

    Quaint Weddings
    I, too got a fabulously low quote for my daughter on the Maggie Sottero "Miami" coming in $100 below a DBS quote! Barbara has made very prompt responses to my emails, and she has a satisfactory (no complaints registered) BBB rating. She advised me by email that her mother owns the Bridal Shop and she handles the internet business. Therefore an authorized Maggie Sottero Retailer via the bridal store. My daughter's wedding is May 22 2004, and I would really like some assurance if anyone has used Best Buy Bridal. I've been in the bridal industry for 30 years (selling invitations & accessories: and find it a whole lot different being on this side of the planning! Best Buy Bridal is located in Pennsylvania. Anyone have any first hand information??

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    marcal Guest

    Default RE: Best Buy Bridal anyone?


    I am also contemplating a purchase from Best Buy Bridal. They have the best price by far. I tried to get Pearl's Place to meet the price, but Fred said he couldn't. They are registered with the BBB online and her mother's shop is also with the regular BBB. Has anyone purchased from Barbara? How did your purchase go? Did you have any problems with customer service or getting the right dress?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    Mar Cal

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    lanerlue Guest

    Default RE: Best Buy Bridal anyone?


    I am considering ordering my wedding dress from Best Buy Bridal, how has your experience been so far? Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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