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    Default Netbride "unauthorized," but parent bridal shop is?????

    I want to order my Dessy bridesmaids gowns from Netbride. Dessy says they don't endorse any online dealers. However, Netbride is owned by Rush's Bridal Shop, which IS an authorized Dessy dealer. Does this mean it's okay for me to order from Netbride? Netbride price is $125, Rush's is around $150. Are there advantages to ordering straight from Rush's versus ordering from Netbride?

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    Default RE: Netbride "unauthorized," but parent bridal shop is?????

    Crazy, eh?

    No, there is no difference---they are one and the same. So order form Netbride and save the $25 on each dress.

    We found Netbride to be reputable; many online bridal sites have to play this game with the designers over authorized status. It's no big deal, just politics.

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    Alan & Denise Fields, Authors

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