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    lynbintz Guest

    Default Internet Gown Sites vs. In town

    I have 2 good prices for a St. Patrick gown. One is from for 462.00 (includes shipping and no tax) the other is from a store in town for 589.00 (including tax). So here is my question. The in town store includes 2 free pressings, is it worth paying 120.00 more for free pressing? How much does pressing a wedding gown usually cost? Would I be better off buying over the net and paying seperately for pressing? or paying more and getting it for free?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    happygal Guest

    Default RE: Internet Gown Sites vs. In town

    I think that the gown would practically have to be trampled on to need 2 pressings!!! Don't be taken in by the 'were doing you a favor' price. Call around to different drycleaners and get quotes...if you still want to purchase in town then ask about dropping the 'free presses', that should lower the price.

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