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    mass_bride Guest

    Default Lucky Sixpence

    Thank you for recommending the Lucky Sixpence. I ordered a Pronovias Abilene style from Katrina in Late November. My dress
    > was damaged in an electrical fire in her office complex. She notified me the
    > very next day and offered me a complete refund or a custom gown made at her
    > expense to replace it. We had talked many times, and so I decided to trust
    > her.
    > My dress arrived yesterday along with shoes, a veil, a headpiece and
    > handbag. It was so magnificent. The Serafina gown I got was priced at close
    > to $3500, and Katrina sold it to me for the same $900 I had paid her for the
    > Abilene. Add to that It was made to fit my measurements, so I don't have to
    > spend any money on alterations. I had originally looked at Serafina gowns,
    > but they were way out of my price range, so you can only imagine how
    > thrilled I was.
    > I called Katrina to thank her ( and invite her to our wedding in Miami). All
    > she asked was that I say nice things about her, so I thought I'd start with
    > you.
    > With everything I received, I think I saved $4000. She had great advice for
    > choosing accessories and bridesmaids dresses and was super tolerant of my
    > fits of crazy bride. ( I ordered four different veils and she exchanged them
    > for me with no problem.)
    > I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Lucky Sixpence for one half a second,
    > and I am so glad you did :)

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    burnedbride Guest

    Default RE: Lucky Sixpence

    I would be very wary of Lucky Sixpence. I am in the process of having a terrible experience with them and have been in contact with other brides who have as well. I dont want to go into details but I would even doubt the validity of the previous post. The owner is known for pretending to be a bride and posting glowing reccomendations on other sites. I am sorry that these authors still reccomend them.

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    allegro Guest

    Default RE: Lucky Sixpence

    Hi - this is a warning for anyone who wants to do business with Kat. I saw on that she falsified a great recommendation of her business. Also, do a search on for the lucky sixpence - there are a LOT of unhappy brides who have gotten the runaround about their dresses. I didn't know the authors recommended them, but they shouldn't.

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    Suzieq Guest

    Default RE: Lucky Sixpence

    Your dress wasn't a size 16 in white silk satin was it?

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    jrd230 Guest

    Default My dress and BM dresses were destroyed

    June 1, 2002 Bride

    I ordered a Pronovias gown along with 6 bm watter and watters gowns which were all destroyed in an electrical fire. I was suspicious and every time I presented Katrina with conflicting information...such as no report of a fire via the Plano Fire Dept, she gave me the run around. I asked her for a copy of the fire dept report or the insurance claim...anything to give me peace of mind as this was 2 months before my wedding. I ended up finding a dress at a local store which I loved...though it ended up costing me twice what I had budgeted for my bridal attire the reduction in stress was well worth it. We had to have my bm dresses especially made (which I did on my own). Katrina had offered to pay me back via check which I was uncomfortable with because the bank had a year to renig on bad checks. I wanted to go through my credit card company but she could not credit my account because we had used pay pals. Pay pals couldn't help because the charge was more than 30 days old. My credit card company was unable to get the $431 deposit back from pay pals and I am now trying to reach Katrina but she has not responded to my e-mails or phone calls. THIS IS A BRIDAL NIGHTMARE! I am reluctantly contacting getting a lawyer involved as I am at my wits end! THIS WAS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND SO NOT WORTH THE MONEY THAT I WOULD HAVE SAVED!

    P.S. I should note that Katrina sent me a headpiece and veil which she told me she would not charge me that point I had already purchased ones that would go with my new dress...but I will say I was DISAPPOINTED in the quality and very happy that I had found something else! It is really ridiculous to trust someone else to pick out your bridal attire! Lessons learned the hard way!

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