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    fsuangel Guest

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    I came across SASA Bridal on Ebay. Has anyone used them? I'm not so sure if they sell authentic gowns or if they make imitations of the designs.

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    eyes0nfire Guest

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    I have not ordered from SASA bridal, but I did correspond with them regarding a "Demtrios" gown (Style 9550) that I was interested in. When I asked them point-blank if the gown would be an actual Demetrios gown with tags or if it was a copy, they made it clear it was a copy. I at least appreciated their honesty. Since Demetrios gowns are not made of silk, I asked if they could provide me a quote for the same dress in silk chiffon and silk crepe. I have not received a reply to that request. They did stress that they would make the dress to my measurements, not a standard size that has to be altered, unlike your average dress ordered from a salon to fit your "biggest" measurement.
    Their ebay feedback appeared to be all positive, but you can't be sure that they didn't post it all themselves with different account names.

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