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    Shukonda Guest

    Default RK Bridal - NY gets a big thumbs up for me

    I purchased my wedding dress from RK Bridal, which I got quotes from all over the place, which Pearls Place was the cheapest, but RK Bridal matched that price plus took another 5% off of it which was good. When I called, they answer the phone and my confirmation was e-mailed to me as quick as they got the order. The best thing was that i received my dress one month and a week early and it came in perfect condition. I was very happy and it gave a lot of my family and friends who were very skeptical a better way of looking at it. I am very pleased. I also wound up ordering my bridesmaids dresses from them which, I also received quotes on and received another 5% off the lowest price and I am receiving them 2 weeks early. I am very happy. Of course I haven't seen the bridemaids dresses and I am sure they will come in great condition like my wedding dress, but if they don't I will sure be back to let everyone know about it for their own records. So far, I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

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    marie79 Guest

    Default RE: RK Bridal - NY gets a big thumbs up for me


    I was wondering how you were able to make RK Bridal match the quotes that you got from Pearls? I do have to admit that Pearl's has the lowest prices that I've come across to. I went in RK to try on a dress that was labeled $650.00 and I tried calling for a quote of the same dress and they gave it to me at $690! Pearl's on the other hand gave me $400 on the dress. While I do think that they gave the lowest price, I am afraid to order from Pearl's because of the many bad experiences some brides had on this message board.


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    waack Guest

    Default RE: RK Bridal - NY Did they charge you shipping and sales tax?

    Penny\r\nQuaint Weddings

    Just wondering if RK Bridal sent your gown at their expense, or did they tack on shipping/handling? I went with Pearls, because they do not charge for shipping and no sales tax if out of state. It made a big difference in the bottom line cost of the gown. We are now ready to order Bridesmaids dresses. Would consider RK Bridal if shipping is free. Please let me know! Thanks

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    Shukonda Guest

    Default RE: RK Bridal - NY Did they charge you shipping and sales tax?

    I am sorry for not getting back to anyone sooner. Oct. 25 was my wedding day and it has been hectic ever since. For some bride still wondering the answers to the questions, all I did to get the lower price was print out Pearls Place quote along with their shipping details and fax it along with my order. No I did not pay for shipping of my dress. It was free. My bridesmaids paid $7 or $10 for their shipping though. I also did the same things with my bridesmaids dress and yes, they will match the price and then take 5% off of that. It is true and I have only good things I can say about them. Oh, and I am back to say that all bridesmaids dresses came in flawless. Everything was perfect. The colors all matched and was the color I expected and the sizes were correct. I was very happy to see them in such great condition although I expected them to be this way anyway. It took a lot of stress off my wedding plans and my wedding day went so smoothly. I saved a lot of money just by using recommendations from Bridal Bargains. I have passed that book along a couple of times since my own wedding. It's a great book.

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    MichelleLarie Guest

    Default RE: RK Bridal - NY gets a big thumbs up for me

    I was quoted $1400 for my wedding dress at a bridal show. I found out the name of the maker and found my dress online for $600--more than half off! Because of Alan and Denise's high praise of RK Bridal, I decided to go with them because they offered me the best deal. (no shipping or sales it came with a garment bag and a blue garter) I lied about the date of my wedding by 2 months so they wouldn't sit on the order...turns out I didn't need to! I received my dress in PERFECT condition in 3 weeks!! 3 WEEKS!! My only complaint is that they said it would come with a veil and it did not. When I called to inquire they told me because I had the "no frills" offer, the veil would cost extra. I decided to let it go because my dress came so fast and I'm sure I can make my own veil for about $30. I would definitely reccommend RK Bridal to anyone!

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    branchernj Guest

    Default RE: RK Bridal - NY gets a big thumbs up for me

    I just wanted you all to know I took this advise and called RK Bridal to see if they would match a price I got from (the overall best price on the NET.. beat Pearls by $40!). They never even stumbled when I told them the price I got from Weddingexpressions, they said just send in their quote with the order form and they will beat it by 5%. I asked Pearls to beat the price or atleast match it, since they claim they wont be beat by another internet quote, but they wouldn't budge. I just sent my order form into RK Bridal so we will see what happens next. I am ordering a Maggie Sottero gown so I was suprised at the low price... Macy's bridal cost was $998 and I will be getting the dress for $550, 55% discount! Not bad my friends.. check them out in addition to Weddingexpressions!!!

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