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    Default La Sposa PRISMA or PRIMOR

    Hey, ladies! I am hoping you can help me. I am looking for La Sposa PRISMA or PRIMOR. I found them online at I am not sure if this company is Pronovias, St Patrick or what. I do know it is out of Barcelona. The two I like are rusched raw silk, strapless A lines with flower corsage pins on the hip. PRISMA has a lace shrug and PRIMOR has a silk shrug. I am not actually interested in the shrug or corsage for either - I just want the dress. Any ideas who I might contact to get discounted quotes for these dresses? I am just really confused by all this wedding gown malarkey and am even more confused about who this designer actually is. I did find a dress that looked the same on the knot - it was called SEMILLA (I think) by Pronovios. Even though it looks pretty similar, it doesn't look exactly the same as the one on the La Sposa website. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Frosta Guest

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    I am also getting a la sposa gown. It's been a bit of a search trying to find some information about the company. It is a division Pronovias (as is St. Patrick - the info can be found on the Pronovias site). That is why many of the dresses can be found on both websites, with minimal differences (except for mine, of course). Anyway, there is a different la sposa website with the 2004 dresses; here is the address:
    I hope this helps!

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    jen1977 Guest

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    Thanks so much for the info! I did notice the Pronovias and La Sposa sites were really similar. You've cleared up a lot of my confusion. Can I ask where you're getting your dress? Do you know how much La Sposa dresses normally cost? I have no idea how much either of the dresses I'm interested in are. I'm looking for a discount (isn't everyone?). I have a call in to a DBS rep and Pearl's Place. I was going to look in to RK Bridal as well. Any other suggestions?

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