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    puakiele Guest

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    I too, have been in touch with the lady who runs She is very quick to respond to ALL my questions and she does have excellent feedback. I haven't decided who I am going to order from..either from or, I guess it is just whoever matches the lowest price quote I recieved from another discount online bridal service (but kind of unknown so I don't really want to order from them). I want the Maggie Sottero Eleganza off the shoulder dress in diamond white/champange.

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    creativebug Guest

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    Oh my gosh! I love this seller! Thank you for the recommendation. I ordered Mori Lee 3600 and received it in four weeks...months before I was expecting it! They have awesome crinolines, too. And they are so friendly and answered all of my emails with lightening speed! This is going to make the rest of my wedding planning so easy since the gown part is now taken care of. I hope everything else goes as smoothly!

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    creativebug Guest

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    I agree...great email replies and great selection. Awesome feedback, too.

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    sunsinmyheart Guest

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    I was in love with the Mori Lee 3600 until I ventured out to try more gowns and see how I felt, and of course I found something else I liked more and if I choose to finally gow with the new dream gown I have in mind, this is the store I am getting it from. I'm glad you had a great experience. Have you worn the Mori Lee yet? When is your wedding? I am on the short side so Mori's gowns were not exactly cut for me anyway. What color did you order? How tall are you? Sorry about all the questions but you're one of the first I've seen who's interested in the same gown as I was.

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    sunsinmyheart Guest

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    This is interesting to know and regardless of the price, if I am paying for designer, which is a rare occasion in and of itself, I want to know I'm getting designer. How do they come up with the tags and all the particulars that match the exact gown? I mean I have seen and tried on the gown I want and I am planning on keeping a close eye on it until I receive mine if I order it. Granted I might not be able to tell the difference between designer and knockoff but I think I can tell if a gown is not exact match of what I want. Are you talking specifically about this website? Because I've gotten the same quote for the same gown from House of Brides which has stores in Chicago and they are listed as an authorized seller of the designer I want. If it's a matter of being authorized, I can easily use HOB. Thanks.

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    MadelineCP Guest

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    I just called this company. The person I spoke with was great. Their prices are low AND they are matching competitor pricing. Anyway, their eBay store has a high rating ( so I decided to call and give them a try. While speaking to their customer service rep, she let me know that since the DBS scandal they have been helping brides find dresses with the manufacturers or finding a dress at a low price. Apparently, they also buy large quantities of designer and bridal shop closeouts. So, they have access to a large amount of inventory. They are not associated with DBS, though they do order through a local bridal shop and this is how they are able to offer such low prices. She also told me that they are able to order just about any gown because they work with a huge network of bridal shops. Didn't give me any names, but she gave me a quote on three gowns that I'm looking at. They are not bound by any of the pricing requirements that most bridal designers put on the retail shops. I thought I'd pass on the scoop!

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