I found a beautiful designer wedding dress at a local bridal shop, but it was much too expensive. In doing some research online, I was hesitant to order from one of the Chinese websites because the experiences seemed hit or miss. So I ended up finding the dress I was looking for available at a North Carolina based store, www.plussizebridal.com, for $400 cheaper than the store I had tried it on in. I was confused because of the name since I wasn't looking for a plus sized gown, but after calling the company, I was told that they used to only carry plus sized gowns, but that now they carried all sizes. I researched them on Better Business Bureau and they were rated well, so I ordered my dress from them. I received it in only 7.5 weeks, when a bridal retailer can take up to twice as long. The dress was the actual designer dress and not a copy, like some of the Chinese websites. I was very pleased with my purchase and was happy to have saved $400! One thing to note with this site, as with most others, is that you have to pay for the dress in full when you order it. Overall it was a great experience at www.plussizebridal.com!