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Thread: WTOO dresses

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    soontobett Guest

    Default WTOO dresses

    I found 3 dresses I like, 2 by WTOO and 1 by Levkoff. I am trying to find a website that will let me look at the back of the WTOO dresses (no luck yet).

    Can anyone help me find a site that shows alternate views of the dresses.

    Can anyone suggest a few good discount websites that I can order these dresses from.


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    erinkarep Guest

    Default RE: WTOO dresses

    I'm sure you've already checked the designers sites, but just in case: and

    You can buy them at

    Hope this helps!


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    soontobett Guest

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    I have checked the designer sites. I can't figure out why they don't show the back of WTOO is the best part!


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