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    Default Netbride or bestbuybridal???

    Hi all,

    I am based in the UK, where all the dresses are expensive and have done some research about buying a wedding dress on line. (sacry thought!!)

    So far i am thinking of either or

    Anybody has had any experience from either of the above?


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    Default RE: Netbride or bestbuybridal???

    Yes, scary thought, esp when you buy a dress from a place based in New Orleans and 2 weeks later Katrina hits. BUt I had a great experience with Pearl's Place, if they carry the dress you want. Came perfect and right on time. I am still waiting for my bridesmaid dresses from them, but the fabric came in for the Jr Bridesmaid dress perfect. If you are looking online I'd definately add them to your list. Good luck and enjoy the conversion rate in you favor!

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    Annabel Guest

    Default RE: Netbride or bestbuybridal???

    Thanks for that. Am actually looking into Leephilipbridal now as i've found another dress and they've quoted me a nice price! Either leephilip or netbride, a few people have ordered from netbride in the uk and only heard nice feedback

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