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    Default Has anyone used Val Collections to purchase their gown?

    I am considering using Val Collections to purchase a Pronovias gown as the feedback I have seen thus far seems positive and it will save me up to $500 on the gown. Has anyone had any experience with this company before?

    thanks for the advice.

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    Default RE: Has anyone used Val Collections to purchase their gown?

    I know this is a bit late, but it may save someone else a headache.


    Being that she is not an authorized retailer, you will likely not get your gown. Pronovias Fashion Group has ensnared her in a "sting" operation, and they are working to shut down the buying account of the store that is providing the gowns to her. Trans-shipping Pronovias gowns and discounting them over the internet is a huge NO-NO with Pronovias. It's part of their retailer agreement. The store providing her with the gowns has violated their agreement.

    One of the reasons that they do this is to cut down on brides using authorized retailers as a place to try on their gowns, abuse and dirty their samples, then take their business online. It is unfair to retailers that had to purchase several thousand dollars of gowns per year just to carry Pronovias in their store. Most bridal shops aren't trying to "rip you off". Val Collections sells them at a discount because she doesn't order them direct- she doesn't have to purchase 24-48 sample gowns per year. She sits behind her computer in her jammies, wiping her kids runny nose and pretends to be a professional in this field. It's disturbing.

    What do you get when you buy from her? Simple. You get a dress in a box (if you are lucky). If it's got a defect, the color or size are wrong, etc...SHE HAS NO RECOURSE WITH THE DESIGNER. Once it's in your hands, the "inspection" period granted to the store that ordered it for her has already lapsed. (We generally have 3 days to inspect for damage). She can claim all she wants that she inspects them, and that is all well and good. The fact is, by the time it's in HER hands, it's already too late.

    Imagine, if you will, that the gown she received for you had a defect. Your wedding is only 2 months away when the gown comes in. You ordered it on time, you did everything right. The gown comes in as scheduled, and there is something wrong. By the time she gets it, and especially by the time you get it, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO. The inspection period has lapsed and Pronovias has nothing in stock.

    What are you going to do, go cry to the retailer who's store you used as your personal showroom for your internet purchase? Many of them won't help you. They are rightfully angry that you ran them around and lied to get their information on the gown.

    In short, buying things on the internet can be great. Buying your wedding dress from an UNAUTHORIZED third party on the internet is just plain stupid.

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