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    We are about 6 weeks from closing on our new house. Your book was a God send to us. The only thing we need and can not find in your book is a detailed how to final walk thru check list. I'm I missing something? If it's not in the book, I would strongly suggest it. I feel you held our hands through the entire process and then we it's time to check all the final details, I am left hanging.

    It would be nice to have something we can pull out and walk us through each step on what to look for and how to check for defects.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Thanks for reading our book, YOUR NEW HOUSE! Glad to hear you found it helpful. We appreciate your kind words.

    Yep, we should have added that---not sure why we didn't! We'll try to do that for the next edition.

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    I agree this'd be a great addition to the book. If a person is having an inspection...which I now believe everyone should, even on a new home, the inspector should be covering all those items the authors would recommend but it's good to have a list anyway.

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