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    As you know, the cheapest weddings are often the most creative one... I have decided to start way ahead (full year) with the decorations, favors, etc... because I am making everything. I would really like to see a Craft Section on this site where we could exchange ideas and tips on how to make that day even more special!
    Just an idea :-P

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    Serepta Guest

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    I've found a lot of info about wedding crafts, as I too am doing a lot of crafty stuff to save cost and to personalize my wedding. Here are some really great craft websites: - craft store website with information about craft supplies sold at their store, as well as a ton of do-it-yourself project instructions. - not really a lot of wedding items, but lots of information about craft supplies they sell and some general project ideas. - a great starting place to browse through - lots of craft ideas with do-it-yourself instructions, plus links to other wedding craft related websites. - lots of links to articles and instructions about wedding crafts.

    Also, the books Handcrafted Weddings and Veiled In Beauty, both published by creative publishing international - have been very helpful to me.

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    Default Craft supply websites

    I have also found great craft supply websites. ribbons, silk roses, etc - cheap styrofoam balls, green tape, all floral supplies, vases

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