I found the knot message boards... and through out the planning process it has been a blessing to have a refuge for bridal talk, questions, and advice... they have local boards that help you scout out vendors, get user reviews of bridal shops, caterer, bakers... you name it.

I think that the magazine is overpriced, and the 'registry' just not very good... but the message boards are an invaluable planning tool.

Sometimes you just need to talk to other brides... and vent, and breakdown, and commiserate. And this place... FREE is a a Bridal Bargain worthy of your book.

Cause believe me... Bridal Land is insane. And having other brides to talk to ... is just a must. And this book is ROUTINELY recommended to "newbie" planners. So many budget brides on there... and so many rip offs in the industry. Your message boards are great... but the Local boards on the knot are invaluable and just incredible.