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    Chelsieo87 Guest

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    This is a question/suggestion. I and all of my maids are fairly young women, and thus have a stock of formals from events such as prom and whatnot. I would like to have red/burgandy accents on my gown, and know that one of my (hopeful) maids has a burgandy formal. I'm not that worried about strict matching among my maids, so, in your opinion, would it be tacky to suggest some color options for them, find out which formals they have and would like to wear, and then use the colors of my three maids' dresses to co-ordinate my decoration colors? In this way, all of the ladies will be comfortable with what they're wearing, and since they are on a tight budget anyhow won't have to spend extra money for something as useless as a bridesmaid dress. Plus, there would then be at least some cohesion to the ceremony as the decorations would be co-ordinated to three colors. Your opinion please!

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    Beth Sparks Guest

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    I like that idea! I'm sure your maids will appreciate it even more. They'll actually get to wear one of those dresses again :-). They save money; you get the look you want. Sounds like a win/win situation to me.

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