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    Default City dwellers without elevators

    In your compilation of strollers you recommended certain heavy
    duty strollers for the "Urban Jungle." These strollers may be good for some Upper East Side Manhattanites who live in elevator buildings, however, there are many of us unfortunate souls who live in Pre-War buildings without elevators. My upstairs nieghbor has a Peg Perego that hasn't left her 3rd floor apartment in months. Even her husband can't manage it down the stairs. I would like to suggest that you add a catagory for those of us who live in walk-ups and are concerned about lugging baby and gear up 2+ flights of stairs. We need the strongest, yet lightest gear for handling city streets and horrendous stairs. Just a thought.

    P.S. I think I have decided on the Combi Ultra Saavy which you highly recommended.

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    Default RE: City dwellers without elevators

    Good point. We realize Manhattanites have a special challenge---a stroller that is rugged enough for the sidewalks, potholes and the winter weather---but also light enough to fold up and be carried up stairs to an apt or down to the subway. I think the Combi Savvy is a good choice, but let us know if you have any other thoughts!

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    Default RE: City dwellers without elevators

    English is not my first language, so excuse me for the mistakes.
    I saw an eight months old baby in the Combi Savvy, and he looked very uncomfortable, and that the stroller was small on him. Isn't the Combi Savvy too small for infants older than one year old?

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