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    Default Samsonite Diaper Bags?

    I love your book. Our twins are now 15 months old, but I went ahead and bought your book. Wish I'd known about it sooner!

    Don't think I saw anything about Samsonite diaper bags in your book. Wondered what your reviews might be.

    Also, I posted elsewhere, but the Ultimate Crib Sheet by Basic Comfort is truly wonderful. You mention it in passing in your book, but in my opinion, it deserves a whole page! And I'm mad at Kiddopotamus for stopping production of their Easy Change Crib Sheets which I use with our Ultimate Crib Sheets.

    Some other thoughts:
    I've read that the static cling sun shields for use in automobile windows are the safest in case of accidents (won't bounce around the interior and hit your baby in the head). However, I've not found any that I as a driver can see through and I find Winnie the Pooh and Elmo distracting. Do you know of any?

    Prince Lionheart produces car seat sun shields that I've found useful. They're silvery covers that keep the seats from getting so hot while my car sits in the sun at work or in our driveway. Found them at Right Start.

    Also at Right Start, the Prince Lionheart "Tot" dishwasher basket and nipple basket set works wonderfully with Avent bottles. The nipple basket is the only one I've found that can handle Avent's wider nipples. And you can stack six lids and six rings in alternating fashion in the Tot basket with room for a couple of pacifiers or an extra ring. (I know a lot of people just throw stuff in their dishwasher baskets, but I like to make sure water can get to each item.)

    And finally, one of my preemies had difficulty with Avent nipples and we found that Maws' variflo nipples worked well with her. The Maws nipples even work with Avent bottles. However, after a baby gets older and can suck harder, the Maws nipples do collapse. So, I'd only recommend them for newborns. Also, all of the angled Maws bottles we bought developed leaks and had to be thrown away. The straight ones were fine. I tried Avent's variable flow nipples and hated them. Nearly drowned my little baby with one.

    Hope you will provide some toddler product reviews. I'm entering new worlds of sippee cups, utensils, babyproofing, etc.

    Also, more toy recommendations might be nice.


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    Default RE: Samsonite Diaper Bags?


    Thanks for reading our Baby Bargains book. Glad to hear you've found it useful!

    We have seen the Samsonite bags and thought they were fine. They weren't necessarily standouts, just good, solid bags.

    We don't have an alternative source for those static cling sun shades. Wish we did--we don't like the sunscreened characters either.

    Thanks for your product selections. Our readers will love the feedback.

    Best wishes,

    alan and denise fields
    authors, BABY BARGAINS

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