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    rardnek Guest

    Default Javascript Errors

    Ever since the BB switched to the new PHP version, I get multiple javascript pop-up errors on EVERY SINGLE PAGE LOAD.

    I finally disabled my javasript debug, but I really need it on for the work I do on my computer.

    I first encountered these errors in the Stroller Forum, but they appear to be widespread. 3 error messages popup:

    "A Runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug?

    Line 14
    Error: 'CSInit' is undefined"
    2) Also occurs for line 26
    3) Another error for Line 35 saying "Object expected"

    Hopefully this will help somebody debug the problem quickly.



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    Default RE: Javascript Errors

    Kenda: We've tried to fix that bug this morning. Is it working now?

    Alan & Denise

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    rardnek Guest

    Default RE: Javascript Errors

    Yep, everything is working great now.



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