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    Only since you all always seem to welcome for our input...
    Can I suggest moving the adoption board to the Baby Bargains board, I notice it is under 411...but I look at "411" as a much needed board mainly used by mommies (edited to say daddies too) with babies discussing developments and typical "411 stuff"...Inother words I think you visit that board more once the baby is HERE!!!!

    The adoption of a baby is like preparing for birth and it saddens me to see it over in a "411" belongs here with our other expectant babies :)...

    Plus those who have adopted can probably give huge tips on how one can save money in this very costly process...

    I say this because we might start looking into adoption, and if I do I want my baby and my thought process to be here with the "fun" board of expecting babies!!!!

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    That is an excellent idea Neve! We have adopted twice and are adopting again. I do think of myself as an "expectant" mom, but not many web site due. One thing that has really bugged me lately is that in a lot of baby sites, you have to enter the baby's due date or you can't continue filling out the form to log in. (You can't leave it blank.) There is never a place to choose the option that "we are adopting and don't have a due date". Drives me nuts creating one when one of the biggest frustrations of adoption is not knowing if you are waiting weeks, months or years.

    Anything a site like this could do to make adopting moms feel included would be a great thing!

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    I know how you feel! When filling out registry dates, I just made up a date far in the future. It is very different when you don't know what size to get especially for international adoptions since you don't know the age of your baby when it will be home.

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