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    Default What will you need when shower gifts are gone?

    My best friend is pregnant with my second godchild in September. This will be her second child in two years and she still has a lot of stuff from her first. She doesn't need all the traditional first baby gifts. There won't be a shower for her because everyone lives too far away from her and from each other, but I still want to send her and her husband gifts that will be useful. I know lots of expectant moms get newborn gifts galore and I wanted to know from moms out there what things they found they wanted or needed after the kids have outgrown all the newborn clothes etc. I also welcome any suggestions of gifts that were your favorites. They are expecting a boy this time and their first was a girl. Please help! Thanks. Email [email protected]

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    I know that it might sound a bit pedestrian, but clothes are a big help. Since their first was a girl and this one is a boy, clothes would probably be nice. Not necessarily newborn clothes, since this is what most people think of, but look ahead and give some 6 or 12 month outfits. I know that this was a big help for me. As my daughter outgrew clothes, I didn't have to rush out to the store for new clothes. Just keep in mind the season and age. For example, you could give some 12 month sized shorts, short sleeves, and even warm weather pajamas for next summer, especially since they are easy to find right now.

    If you want to give something just to your friend, spa gift certificates are great.

    I hope that helps.

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    Default RE: What will you need when shower gifts are gone?

    The things I wished I had gotten at my shower were stuff for older children...and not clothes. I think my daughter has enough clothes to last her first 3 years of life. I'm thinking more in the lines of toys (trucks, etc.) for a 6 month old (or older), or some ride-on toys, walkers, etc more geared towards a boy. These things are necessary and really add up cost wise (take it from experience, my daughter is now 6 months and I wish someone could help foot the bill to purchase all of these things.)

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    Thanks for your suggestion! I had thought clothes would be good, and my mother had sent her some for ages 3-6 mo and 6-12 mo. So I thought I'd plan ahead too. My mom pointed out too that some kids are never newborn sizes! I thought what I would do is buy some clothes now that are for summer and then buy some as we get closer towards winter again that the little one can grow into, including socks and the like. Then I thought I'd get some diapers too that aren't for newborns. They already have a bunch that are that tiny and I'm sure other folks will send them even more! I like the spa idea too. I may have to look into what they've got where she lives. It'd be nice to let their daddy take the kids for a day! Thanks for your help!

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