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    Mishky Guest

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    Has anyone used the Hypnobirthing techniques? Please tell me more about it and is it worth the money?

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    MaryAgnes Guest

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    My husband and I are expecting our first this January and we will be using hypnobirthing. I am a nurse, and a nurse collegue of mine is also a hypnotherapist and was just certified a hypnobirthing instructor. She told me of the method, gave me a book to read and it sounded great. Since she hadn't done it with anyone before, she is not charging us for the service.

    It really sounds like a great way to give birth. The way I look at it, we have nothing to lose. If things don't work out, I will be in a hospital with other alternatives available.

    You didn't say when you were due yet. If you didn't yet, check out the web site and read the book. We had an introductory class last week, and my skeptical husband is now keeping an open mind about the process. I will be attending a seminar next month on it too.

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