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    HOBSON725 Guest

    Default Pregnancy Back Pain

    I am 27 weeks pregnant and have begun to experience lower back pain. I am planning on getting a massage soon, but in the time being, I was wondering if anyone had any helpful ideas. Thanks

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    docreeler Guest

    Default RE: Pregnancy Back Pain

    Have you tried a maternity belt? I had tried to avoid buying one in order to save money; but just yesterday I decided to give it a try, and it is working well for me -- my back feels far better than it did. (I'm using the Loving Comfort brand.) I actually felt some relief from the moment I tried it on in the store.

    I hope this helps.

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    EWalsh Guest

    Default RE: Pregnancy Back Pain

    I've also had a lot of lower back pain, especially sciatic. I found a massage to be a life saver, but there are other things you can do. For one thing, several yoga positions, including cat/cow (get on all fours and alternatively arch your back and then let it sink to the floor)and pelvic tilts. Also, with your hands against the wall, bend over forward at the waste so your body is at a right angle and pull your pelvis away from the wall -- great stretch. See a book on pregnancy yoga positions for more suggestions.

    Also, I got a fitness ball to sit on instead of my desk chair (I work at home). It puts a lot less stress on my lower back (and is also supposed to be a good exercise to strengthening your pelvic floor muscles).

    Good luck!

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    lizzy ra Guest

    Default RE: Pregnancy Back Pain

    Try to find a prentatal yoga class or check out a yoga book from the library- Posistions that help: cat cow, right angle pose against the wall and many others. I have been taking a yoga class throughout my pregnancy and have had no back pain and I am 32 weeks now. Best of luck!

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