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    Default Help us decide on a name!

    Please give your opinion on our baby girl's name! We can't decide... and we're keeping it a surprise from family and friends!

    Merritt Elise Norris


    Lynley Elise Norris


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    nywifey Guest

    Default RE: Help us decide on a name!

    I've never heard of either, but the second one sounds more girly.

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    KathyO Guest

    Default RE: Help us decide on a name!

    My test of a girl's name is how it sounds:

    (A) being bellowed off the back porch at suppertime,

    (B) being whispered romantically on a moonlit night, and

    (C) being etched into a gold nameplate to go on an enormous desk because she is CEO of her own corporation, or a world-class neurosurgeon, or something like that.

    Okay, it's kind of a tongue-in-cheek way of going at it, but maybe it helps! (Won't tell you which of the two names I prefer!)



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    mama2be Guest

    Default RE: Help us decide on a name!

    KathyO...that was awesome!!!!!!!

    Only since you asked, and I stress since you asked (Becasue I have gotten mad a many of folks givng me their opinion on my CHOSEN names)...I really like that Lynley...I too have never heard of it and LOVE IT!!!!

    But both names are gorgeous!!!!

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    Default RE: Help us decide on a name!

    I really like that! I'm going to have to remember this "test"!

    I guess one of the reasons why I chose a classic name for my DD (I prefer to think it is "classic" rather than overly popular, LOL) is that these kinds of names usually pass that kind of "test".

    I guess I prefer Merritt. To me Lynley sounds too much like Lindsey (which is fairly popular these days). I can just hear her being asked "was that Lindsey?" or being inadvertantly called Lindsey all her life. Just a thought.
    Beth, mom to older DD (8/01) and younger DD (10/06) and always missing Leah (4/22 - 5/1/05)

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    Shirale Guest

    Default RE: Help us decide on a name!

    Love the test!!! I will definitly have to remember that! Well, I think both names are lovely, but I think Merritt fits all of KathyO's qualifications better!!! Good Luck!

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    Default RE: Help us decide on a name!

    I did the same "test" as KathyO did to help decide DD's and DS's names. OK, I did not picture how it would look on a gold plate on the CEO's desk!LOL. I did practice "introducing" my children to others - "Hello, this is my daughter Katherine Miller" or "This is my son Andrew Miller". I made sure their full names flowed together for those times when you are upset and need to get their attention - I remember my mom raising her voice and using my full name when she was upset with me!!

    That being said, I like both names you have chosen (but will show partiality - did I spell that right?- to Merritt since it is my maiden name!).

    Good luck with your decision!

    Toni - mom to Katherine (5/19/96) and Andrew (scheduled for 9/23/02)

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    Default RE: Help us decide on a name!

    I really like Merritt also, but both are lovely. Have you considered posting a baby name poll on Sometimes people come up with good comments. And adore the test! Although you would be surprised by the names some well-known surgeons (male and female) go by!

    trying-to-conceive :)

    Another Queen of the House of Boys:
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    Default RE: Help us decide on a name!

    Thanks for all the opinions!! I'll take more!, and I'll create a poll at babycenter!

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    Default RE: Help us decide on a name!

    Okay, since you asked.

    I like Lynley, but probably because my middle name is Lynn. But I think Lynley Elise is a bit of a tongue-twister. I do like Elise, and it's one of the names on my very HUGE list if we ever have a girl. Do any of you watch Big Brother 3? I ask because Josh's girlfriend's name is Merritt (or something close), so when I see the name, all I hear in my head is him saying "Merr-witt!" Sorry, but you asked. And then there's the monogram--"MEN" vs. "LEN." I look at things like that because one of the names at the top of my list starts with "A" and I'd love to use "Suzanne" as a middle name (eventhough my name is "Susan," I always like "Suzanne" better). This would be okay, her monogram would be "ASB." But what happens when my daughter marries John Smith and becomes "ASS." See the things I worry about?!? Probably why I've never been able to come up with one set of names for a girl.

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