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    Default Does anyone suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa?

    I was diagnosed three years ago after Amelia was born but haven't had too much trouble recently. Now I think I have a boil on my breast which will probably have to be drained. Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else has had to deal with this and if you had any advice. Please feel free to PM or email me if you don't want to post that kind of info publicly. Thanks!

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    Default RE: Does anyone suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa?

    Mild cases I treat with antibiotics - not because of infection, but for the anti-inflammatory properties of the antibiotic which help with pain and swelling. That can sometimes prevent the need for incision and drainage. Doxycycline is my usual drug of choice. Can be used as needed if outbreaks are rare, or for daily prophylaxis (at low doses) to prevent new lesions from forming. YMMV, you will want to discuss the particulars of your case with your personal physician.

    Article with good general information here:
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