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    Erin Guest

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    We want to move our 19 month old to a trundle bed in the next few months, before her 2nd birthday in Feb(a brother or sister is due around her 2nd birthday to take over the crib).

    Any suggestions on quality and appearance? We live in an area with limited furniture choices so I am sure that we will have to order and have it shipped, or travel to get the bed (we live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan).

    Can't wait to read the Toddle Bargains book!

    -Erin Brooks

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    Laura Guest

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    Let me know if you find some good ones! We are having twin girls and already have a toddler son. We will be putting the girls in a trundle bed once they are out of their cribs until they are old enough to want their own rooms. We have a Rooms To Go Kids in Texas thas has some nice ones, as well as USA Baby.

    Good luck!

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    Amy Goldstein Guest

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    I live in Ohio and for my first child's baby furniture and now for his big-boy furniture, we ordered from one of the North Carolina furniture places. There are a lot of them - we went on the High Point, NC visitors bureau website and requested a brochure. It is very helpful & lists of all the furniture places in the area with addresses, brands sold, etc. I looked at some of the local stores to see what I wanted for him, and did a lot of looking on line also. We are getting Stanley furniture, from their Young America line - a lot of styles to choose from. It was significantly cheaper than purchasing from the local store and Stanley is a good value & a well respected furniture brand.

    I was also going to get a trundle bed, but wanted to make sure my son can use the furniture until he goes to college. Realizing that he may be too big or not want to sleep in a trundle at age 15 or so, we opted for a more versatile "pop-up" bed on wheels, like a cot, which folds or pops up so it is the height of the regular bed & can be wheeled out of the room if overnight guests need a different room to sleep it. It is also less than half the price of the trundle unit, but still fits under the bed.

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    Mimi Kinkead Guest

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    I also want to get a Stanley bed for my son. Can you tell me where you actually purchased the Stanley furniture online? Thanks!

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    Amy in Ohio Guest

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    I did not purchase the furniture online, I purchased it from a company in North Carolina called Rose Furniture. The website for Stanley is - then go to the Young America collection for kids

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