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    cstrietzel Guest

    Default Bed size for Toddler

    I have a 15 month old and have no desire to take her out of her crib. However, she is a climber and I'm afraid it might not be too much longer before she's out of there. I have a full size bed that is in storage, but I think it may be too early to move her into it after the crib. I don't have a headboard (only a frame), so I still have the flexibility to get a twin size bed. I was planning on buying the bedrails either way, so will it really make a difference to get a twin versus a full size bed? Any suggestions or advice is appreciated!

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    Pama Guest

    Default RE: Bed size for Toddler

    Both our children, at the age of 16 mos., went to a twin bed. We set up the mattress and boxspring on the floor against a wall and put a safety rail up. I don't see any difference in putting her in a twin or a full.

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    Default RE: Bed size for Toddler

    Unless you need the crib mattress for a new baby on the way, I would suggest just putting the crib mattress on the floor once your little one starts climbing out of her crib.

    I have a 17 month old son who is a big climber, but so far has shown no desire to get out of his crib (he has however, sucessfully managed to get out of a porta-crib on several occasions with not much problem). We plan to put his crib mattress on the floor for awhile and then get him a 'big boy bed'.


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    Isabel Guest

    Default RE: Bed size for Toddler

    We just moved our 15 mo' old son to a twin mattress right on the floor of his room. During the day it's a great spot for reading, wrestling, and relaxing (some throw pillows make it a decent couch-like spot) and then at night we strip off the pillows, toys and animals and he seems to love it. We started him off napping there, which he had no trouble with at all, and as of two nights ago he's sleeping there through the night. (This was a transition from our bed in our room.)

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    JakesMom Guest

    Default RE: Bed size for Toddler

    We have a climber. One day the nanny went in to check on him after naptime and found him in the process of swinging his second leg over the side of the crib... that was last December, and by Chanukah, we had a brand-new toddler bed. The reasons I had for choosing this were:

    1) My son had a rough time getting into sleeping consistently and I didn't want to "shock" him too much by putting him in a big bed with strange linens;

    2) The nursery isn't very big; and

    3) We were already trying for baby #2, who will share Jakey's room.

    I was very nervous about this, but the toddler bed has been a dream. Jacob LOVES his little bed, I never worry about him falling or anything. Several of our neighbors have kids the same age, and a few have now purchased the same bed! Jacob actually likes going to bed and pulling the covers up, and I think he appreciates the fact that he can get up and play quietly or read in the morning. After his naps, we usually find him perched on his bed surrounded by books.

    I'm really happy about the fact that we can use his original crib linens, so he has something all his own -- baby #2 will have new linens all his or her own, too.

    Good luck!

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    Jennifer Guest

    Default RE: Bed size for Toddler

    Have you considered a crib tent? Our twins were crawling out of their cribs and we didn't yet have the house fully baby-proofed. One of our daughters got up around midnight for several nights in a row, wandered into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

    My mother and mother-in-law thought the girls would be completely traumatized by being zipped in their beds, but they weren't. They actually seem to feel more secure. After zipping the tents closed for about a week, the girls seemed to realize we were serious about them staying in their beds and we haven't zipped them for the last six months. Haven't tried taking them off--we're keeping in our bluff.

    Just a thought...


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    Cathy Guest

    Default RE: Bed size for Toddler

    For those of you who are using the crib mattress on the do you keep the little one in his room when it's bed time. My 23 mos old son is starting to explore the possibility of climbing out and has knocked a slat out of his Morigeau crib today!!!! My only concern in moving him to a "big boy" bed is how to keep him confined to his room at bedtime. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Bed size for Toddler

    We have a gate in the hallway and close all of the other doors between my daughter's bedroom and the gate. It took her about one week to realize that walking up to the gate and whining was no different from sitting in the crib and whining: if it was sleeptime she would be ignored.

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    suzska Guest

    Default RE: Bed size for Toddler

    We actually removed the door from my son's room (it's a Cape Cod house, and the door smacks into the sloping ceiling, not to mention getting in the way since you can't open it so that it's flat against the wall). So we installed our gate in the door opening--attached to the door frame itself. We still don't let him run around in his room if we're not there, but I know the day will come when he's out of the crib. When we start potty training, we'll just put a gate at the top of the stairs. The "hallway" upstairs is all of about 5' long, and has the door to our bedroom, the bathroom, and Evan's room off of it, as well as the stairs to the downstairs. Since we have the gate on his room, we don't have to gate the stairs yet.

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