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    redgus Guest

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    a while back someone was recommending some bedrails. does anyone remembers what the brand was. tia.

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    ct Guest

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    I'm not sure which one you are refering to, but I bought the Smart Guard rail (by Regalo) at Walmart for $29.99 (it seems to retail for $39.99 everywhere else). It is the longest rail out there, folds for travel, and folds down for easy access to the bed. The best rail that I have used and well worth the money. HTH

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    redgus Guest

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    thank you for responding. i will check this out.

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    Liz Guest

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    Has anyone used the Regalo Smart Guard Plus with a convertible crib?

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    I didn't like the Regalo b/c it was too low. They are all too low! in their photos they must be using the skimpiest mattress.

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