We're going to be moving my 29-month-old twins to twin beds soon, so we need to buy them bedding. I'm trying to decide between a couple of 100% cotton quilts (from The Company Store) and a couple of cheaper 50-50 poly-cotton character comforters (the kind you'd find at K-Mart or Target). Most people I've asked recommend the quilts because they're higher quality and won't be outgrown as fast (apparently kids grow out of the character themes pretty quickly).

I'm wondering how well 100% cotton quilts or comforters stay stain-free, though. Do they wash up well, and do stains come out of them?

Sorry to be graphic here ... but if a toddler hurls all over one of the brightly colored 50-50 character quilts, and the stains don't come out, you probably still won't notice the stains. The cotton quilts I'm considering have a lot of white in them ... will they wash up well, and will the stains come out, if a toddler thows up on them? Would the 50-50 comforters be more practical in this way??

(Yep, I've obviously got waaaay too much time on my hands if I'm worrying so much about this. But I don't want to buy the pricier cotton quilts if they're going to be ruined the first time one of my kids throws up in bed, KWIM? We can't afford to just go out and buy another one right away.)