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    mom2kandj Guest

    Default RE: From crib to ? (Twin bed or toddler bed?)

    For my DD, I bought a set of bunkbed/twin beds. She moved out of the crib at 15 months to make room for DS. She sleeps in the
    "top bunk" without the bottom bed(the bed is configured with the footboards and railing all the way around except for a 18" opening at the foot) in her room. The bottom bed (configured with the headboards and no railing)is in DS's room along with his crib. We bought the bunkbeds knowing that the kids would need a bed eventually and we might as well buy them at the same time. When DS moves out of his crib, we plan on switching their beds so that he will have the bed with the railing all the way around. We have no plans on stacking the beds until the kids are at least SIX years old. If we have to put both beds in one room, we will be putting them side by side.



    PS. Put a stepstool at the foot of the bed to help them climb in! My DS(11mon) can almost climb into his sister's bed! :)

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    JakesMom Guest

    Default RE: From crib to ? (Twin bed or toddler bed?)

    We went the toddler bed route, and we're really happy with it. We basically childproofed the heck out of the nursery, including putting a device on the inside of his door so he couldn't open it without our help -- thus ensuring he wouldn't go wandering the house alone at night. That worked out perfectly. At first, he wouldn't even get out of bed without us. Then sometimes he'd get up and play quietly in his room until he was ready for breakfast.

    Now that he's three, we have taken the childproof lock off of his door so he can get out and get to us if he needs to, but other than just one or two bad nights, he's been great about staying in his room at nighttime. Now he shares his room with his baby brother and it's going better than we'd hoped.

    Best of luck!

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    lynnie_milano Guest

    Default RE: From crib to ? (Twin bed or toddler bed?)

    We transitioned our then-19 month old dd to a relatively low twin bed at my parents' house shortly after baby #2 arrived. She was thrilled to be in a "big" bed and to have a real pillow to put her head on. We started by using a safety rail but found it unnecessary - her problem was periodically clunking her head against the wall on the other side! Back at home, we have a higher twin bed so we put a mattress on the floor in front of it, but I found that she only used it to play on or as a step up onto the bed. We quickly replaced it with a 2-step stool at the end of the bed so she can climb in and out by herself.

    As for roaming, we used Dr. Wiessbluth's sleep training method very successfully with her, so when she started roaming (especially during naptime) we'd just put her back in bed over and over without talking to her. That only lasted a few days, now she stays in bed all night and during naps and calls for someone to come get her when she wakes up.

    I remember looking with envy at my friend's cute toddler bed last year but now I'm glad I didn't waste the time/money to go through that extra step.

    Best of luck on whatever you choose.

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    Leslie Guest

    Default RE: From crib to ? (Twin bed or toddler bed?)

    I moved my twin boys to toddler beds from cribs when they began climbing out at age 2......I put the beds in the same position as the cribs were and put a door knob device on the door so they could not leave their room. When I heard them roaming around I would go in, take them by the hand and lead them back to bed.....this only lasted about a week before they were sleeping soundly. I thought the problem was solved and they would be in these beds till age 4 or so but this was not to be....several weeks later they insisted on sleeping together in one toddler bed and this doesn't work. They roll out, roll on top of each other, hit heads and start crying, etc. They will not sleep without each other even though they did not share a crib after the age of 3 months or so......the beds are just too small for two 30 lb boys to sleep together......I am now debating whether to buy twin beds or bring the queen guest bed in to their room and let them use that for awhile. Or else I may just put the crib mattresses on the floor together. I think the toddler beds would have been perfect except for this sleeping together issue......I think this may happen with two siblings in the same room, not just twins like may want to think about that....

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