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    Default need input on painting/decorating my 2 and 5 year old ds room

    My first post on the toddler board.:-) I'm getting my boys transportation bedding from Walmart.I'd like to paint one wall a deep red,one wall a med. blue,one wall yellow that has two big windows that will have denim curtains then on the last wall I'm hoping to have a road with cars and trucks on it with green on bottom and blue sky on top half.(I will either use stickers or a wall transfer to make this) It's a good size room but does this sound too busy? Here's the bedding.
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    Default RE: need input on painting/decorating my 2 and 5 year old ds room

    It sounds cute to me. I think kids' rooms should be bright and happy. We're building a new house, and I plan on painting Miriam's room kelly green and buying fuschia curtains. I haven't decided on wall color for Gabriel yet, but just bought him these curtains from PBK (I'm also going to get the quilt to use when he's older and into a toddler bed):

    I really like them, but they're not quite as colorful as I like, so I'll probably go for a brighter color on the walls, maybe yellow. I'd like to do red, but the room isn't that big.

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