Does anyone know how the quality of Stanley Furniture is? I found a collection by Stanley that I really like (Summerhaven). It specified on the tag that it was constructed of hard wood (poplar, I think), but quite a few of the components (drawer fronts, tops, etc.) were made of medium density fiberboard, or MDF. The salesperson said this is common in the furniture industry and it is very strong and durable. I am not sure whether solid poplar is used at all in these pieces, or if the MDF is simply made from poplar wood. She said it's unimportant since it's painted white and you do not see the wood grain. I guess that is a good point, but I am still wondering about the quality of MDF versus solid wood. I was considering Vermont Tubbs and have always heard the quality is phenomenal, but I really like the style and design of this Stanley collection for my little girl. Thanks so much!!!