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Thread: Crib tent??

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    Default Crib tent??

    My DH is afraid that our DS will climb out of the crib and hurt himself. Since he's not yet walking, I've told him to stop worrying so soon but he insists that we should go ahead and buy a crib tent to be safe. Has anyone used one or have any words of wisdom?


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    Our son figured out how to climb out of his crib when he was 17 months and after 3 absolutely horrible, insane sleepless nights, we went out the very next morning and bought one and used it that same night. Our son was sort of intrigued by it at first, and we sort of played that up and made it seem like a new exciting thing for him. It looks just like a dome tent that sits on top of the crib, except it's all mesh and airy. He was a little bothered at first when we zipped it up, but hasn't minded it at all since then. It was a lifesaver for us. We had moments when we felt really awful about it, like we were locking him up, but we knew he was safe in his room resting. He would climb out and sometimes just hang on the side of his crib and cry until we went in and "saved" him. Now he knows to lay down when he's in his crib and when he wakes up, he just sits reading his book or stands and calls out for us to come get him. We even bought the one for the pack and play for when we went on vacation earlier this summer. If your son isn't climbing out, I wouldn't worry about it. I have friends whose kids never had an interest in climbing out. Mine wasn't one of them.

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    In the 2 years and 8 months DS was in his crib he never once climbed OUT of his crib. He climbed IN a couple times, but that's different. We only switched him to the toddler bed (would have been a twin if someone hadn't given us the toddler bed) at that time because DD was coming. I would worry when and if it happens. Some kids climb out, some don't. You won't know if yours will until it happens (or it looks like he's about to). In my case, buying a crib tent would have been a waste of money.

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    Buy it if it give you peace of mind. My 16 month old climbed out of her crib for the first time this weekend, fell and fractured her wrist. She's in a cast for the next 3 weeks. She'd never shown any signs of being interested in climbing out of her crib beforehand. She had started climbing up on chairs, but has never been a "monkey" who wants to climb everything.


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    Default RE: Crib tent??

    My ped actually recommended at DD's 2 year appointment that we switch to a "big girl" bed for this reason. He said you never know when they will suddenly climb out.

    So we actually *gasp* got a toddler bed last week!! We haven't set it up yet, but we will soon. I know that toddler beds are frivolous, but we just couldn't imagine putting her in a "big" bed yet. And we got such a good deal, it wasn't much more expensive than a crib tent! :)
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    Default RE: Crib tent??

    Personally, I dont think that it is necesary....unless he starts climbing out of the crib. If he hasnt shown any intersst yet then he might not. If he does then in our opinion tell him to stay in bed, not get out etc...if he gets out again then go out and get the tent to save your peace of mind. My brother in law used to climb out of his crib all the time so that he could be with his older mother in law being a nurse...this didnt bother her except for the fact that he would roam all over trying to be in with the crowd so they finally got a tent just to keep him in so she knew where he was (she worked nights so she wasnt there to keep an eye on him).

    Honestly....accidents do happen, as posted above a little one did fall and break her arm....however, I know so many other kids that manage to get out without any harm. If you are just trying to prevent it from happening you might as well wrap him up in bubble wrap to prevent him from ever hurting himself in any way. I dont mean to sound harsh but I would wait until it is a necessary thing if he does get out and save yourself some worry and some money.

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