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    Hi, my son is getting ready for the next big step-out of the crib and into a big boy bed. My question is whether or not to get a toddler bed or a twin size bed? I am not sure how long kids use a toddler bed before they go into a twin size bed, but it seems like it could be a redundent pruchase....
    Thanks for any advice!! :)


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    lukkykatt Guest

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    I was going to buy a toddler bed for my older son and the woman at the store talked me out of it. She told me that unless he was small, he would be in it a very short time (maybe a year). I got the twin bed, and am now so glad I did.

    I got DS the LT race car bed though, so the sides of the bed come up over the mattress a little bit all the way around. I think that made it less intimidating at first. One thing we did to help with the transition was to put his crib mattress inside the bedframe for the first few days (on the floor) so he could get used to sleeping there but on his old familiar mattress.

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    The transition can be tricky, DS missed the "enclosed" feeling for a bit. I would skip the toddler bed unless someone gives you one. DS has been in his for a year and he is sooo ready for a bigger bed. Fortunately, DH & I are getting a king, so DS is getting our full bed as soon as we get it. I guess, for us, it was fortuitous that a friend gave us the toddler bed to use because we would have an extra bed that we have no room for. But since you are making a buying choice, I would definitely go with the twin.

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    Against my better judgement, we put our DD in a twin bed. We even had side rails on both sides. I guess she is a active sleepter because she fell out near the top of the side! She is small for a 2 1/2 year old (33 inches), so we put her back into the crib where she was perfectly happy anyway! We will be buying a toddler bed soon and put her in that instead. By the way, if you buy a twin bed, you have to start the search for new linens again! I had a lot of trouble matching existing paint and wallpaper colors and if you don't want character bedding, seems the sheets need IRONING!

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