I just received the Corduroy Rocking Chair from Babystyle and thought that since I have seen a lot of posts about chairs, I would share my comments on it. This is the chair:


Overall, I like the chair and will probably keep it, but I will give it a mixed review. For the price, the quality is not great. I'm keeping it because I love the color and style and it is a perfect match in our playroom. So the upside is that it is a darling chair. The downside is that I'm not sure how well it will hold up. The corduroy is pretty thin, but very soft. I will need to give a coat of stain protector. The color was exactly as I had expected from the swatch on the website. The rockers are made of plywood and appear to be stapled on. That may be a good thing, because we might take them off. The chair is definitely prone to tipping. The ruffle at the bottom of the chair is very wrinkled and does not quite lay right, I will steam to try to get the creases out, but if we take the rockers off, that will be a lost cause. They also did a poor job packaging the chair, it was plopped in a plastic bag and shoved in a box. But, mine had no damage so I guess that is okay. If you look very closely on the back of the chair, you can see some of the upholstery staples. The little ottoman is very cute, but does not have much padding. The chair itself has very thick padding and seems quite comfy.

If I had it to do over again, I might try a chair from PBK or toddlerock.com . The toddlerock chairs are a nice price. The only advantage to the babystyle chair is that it says that it can hold up to 150 pounds, while the toddlerock chair only holds 50. I squished myself into the chair and it did hold me without feeling like I was going to break it.

Although it is a mixed review, I hope that this helps anyone considering a chair.

Amy (mommy to Drew 9/3/02)