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    Default Good first pillow?

    What pillow is good for a toddler? I think Abigail is ready for one, but I'm not sure what to get.

    Mom to Abigail Rose

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    Default RE: Good first pillow?

    The ped. said nothing overly soft. Someone told me a travel or airplane pillow would be a good size. I never found one, so I bought a regular pillow, cut it in half and took out about 75% of the stuffing, then sewed it back together (actually, took it all out, sewed it most of the way, then restuffed and whip-stitched the rest). I suppose the down side would be you have to either make a pillow case for it or alter one, but it's definitely flat and rather toddler-sized. He loves it.

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    Default RE: Good first pillow?

    I got an REI travel pillow for Colin about 6 months ago. I know that's a little early, but it turned out to be a major sleep turning point for us! Colin LOVES his pillow and cuddles up to it each night. The REI pillow is about the same size as one from Pottery Barn, but it's only about $7. For pillow cases, my MIL made a couple out of kitty fabric, but I'm sure they could be store bought as well. I think One Step Ahead sells some. The REI pillow has been great!

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Good first pillow?

    I used a travel pillow (found it online) for a few weeks in Amy's crib (this was before we transitioned her to a big girl bed). I also used some harder, flatter couch-type throw cushions in her play area and she would nap on them on the floor.

    When Amy wen t to a big girl bed I took the oldest, flattest pillow I had and put it through the washing machine. That flattened it out nicely! Don't put it in the dryer though, that does seem to fluff them up.

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    luvbeinmama Guest

    Default RE: Good first pillow?

    DS has two (full bed) of our oldest flattest pillows, and he really likes them. I had ordered the toddler pillow out of the OSA catalog, but it was way too fluffy. So if you have old, smooshed flat polyester-filled pillows, get them out and use those!

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    MomtoGrace Guest

    Default RE: Good first pillow?

    Aren't you supposed to change pillows frequently for health reasons?

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    lcb Guest

    Default RE: Good first pillow?

    I found a toddler pillow at Linens N Things in their children's bedding section. Unfortunately, it was $20.

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    MichelleL Guest

    Default RE: Good first pillow?

    I know this is an older post but I thought someone might be able to benefit from the info.....I found the cutest small/toddler sized pillows on e-bay. There are several people who make them for under $8. You can do a search for "toddler pillow" or if you want a specific character try "elmo pillow" (or whoever) and you should have lots of luck! I've attached a link as well....

    Good Luck! :)
    Michelle L

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    mamahill Guest

    Default Ainsleigh LOVES her pillow!

    Resurfacing this post - I know you bought a OSA pillow, Rachel, and said it was way too puffy. I just wanted to say that Ainsleigh's cousin was here a week ago and she slept with an old pillow of mine (she's 6). Well, Ainsleigh thought that was the coolest thing, and since she had the beginnings of a cold and I thought the elevated head might help, I threw it into her crib. She has practically BEGGED to go to bed at nap time and bed time. And if she starts to act like she doesn't want to go to sleep, I say, "Oooh, your pillow is in your bed," and she wheels right around and makes a beeline for the crib. It's hilarious!

    I mentioned it to my mom, about how I thought it might be too big (it's just a regular pillow, but pretty flat) and she said, "Well either cut it down or take some stuffing out and sew it back up," like what Melanie said. I just stood there, brow furrowed, thinking, "Whaaaa?" You can DO that?! Ok, so I know that I am craftily challenged, but I still can't believe it didn't occur to me.

    We've kept her pillow the way it is, though, since she seems fine with it. She sleeps with almost her entire upper body on it (waist up), and sleeps WELL.

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Ainsleigh LOVES her pillow!

    LOL Sarah Amy reacted to pillows the same way! She just loved the additional comfort it provided and she slept on it from the waist up!

    Sounds like Ainsleigh might be ready for a big girl bed! Perhaps she might enjoy snuggling under the covers with you?

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