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    Default sealy twin mattress

    Does anyone know if the sealy mattress they sell at costco are any good? Or are the made from lesser quality? I recently saw a sealy princeton III for $99. It seems firm enough for me, with a little spring... but will it hold up. I believe it was made exclusively for Costco. Does anyone have experience with their mattresses? Does a childs mattress need to be super firm? Also wondering if this mattress will fit in a trundel? gosh so many diecisions. Just wait till we need to pick a college. Yikes

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    Default RE: sealy twin mattress

    I would say the matress is probably fine! You are not looking for longevity as far as kids mattresses go for the most part. With kids jumping on the bed, peeing in their bed etc... after a few years you will more than likely be in the market for a new mattress for them! Look for something relatively firm but try it out yourself... does it feel good??? If you like chances are your kiddo will be fine too! I think anything would be comfy for a kid after sleeping on their rock hard crib mattresses... LOL! Going with a major brand of mattress I don't think you could really go wrong... SEALY is the nations largest brand isn't it??? Basically the mattress is not a lesser quality and is probably the same mattress sold in a mattress store..... the companies just make it ok for the various stores to call them by different names for the same mattress! The only way to find out is to figure out the coil count/gauge etc... the stores are not quick to tell you cause they don't want you to comparison shop!!!!

    I would check the thickness on the mattress and maybe ask a local children furniture store what thickness a matress should be to fit in trundle!!!!

    I am in the process of buying a new King sized Mattress and am so totally frustrated.... why do thay have to make it so difficult... I thought buying a car was tough... at least the different dealerships call them by the same name!!!! LOL

    Hope this helped you.... and thanks cause I think we'll probably hit Costco before we buy a bed for DS... why spend more, costco has great prices!!!!

    ~Tondi and Mason 7/8/01

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    Default RE: sealy twin mattress

    We recently bought two of the Sealy twin mattresses from Costco for our new set of bunkbeds that we also bought at Costco (The Aspen Cherry set, which was also an excellent deal). We have been very happy with them! I know others who had had good experiences with the other Sealy mattresses at Costco, and we found they were a great price after shopping around, so we bought them. We've tried them out & also had visitors sleep on them & they are very comfortable! They're a great all the furniture we've bought at Costco.

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