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    Default cute ideas for basketball themed bedroom ??

    my friend is getting a new house, and wants to decorate her son's bedroom with a basketball theme (he is a little older than a toddler,,,, but i bet alot of ideas can last a while)

    we were brainstorming, and didn't come up with all that many great ideas. though of making a headboard for the bed that looks like a backboard, having the clothes hamper with a hoop over it, and painting one wall either orange or brown to look like a basketball. we were hoping to find some kind of border of just basketball stuff to continue the theme around the other walls maybe....

    in other words, we are in desperate need of someone with creativity and designing style !! any input would be greatly appreciated !!


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    Default RE: cute ideas for basketball themed bedroom ??

    What about round pillows with basketball covers? Or making a stencil of old-fashioned high-top basketball shoes and painting them in different colors either all over the walls or as a border? You could also look for photos of star players through the ages (rather than just current stars) and frame them in a whimsical way. Or what about a border of words related to basketball, which can be painted in different styles and colors--like "SWOOSH!" or "TWO POINTS!" or "NOTHING BUT NET!"

    Can you tell I know next to nothing about basketball?

    Anyway, HTH!
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    Default RE: cute ideas for basketball themed bedroom ??

    I saw a cool ceiling fan at Home Depot where the lamp part was a basketball coming down through a hoop... If he has a favorite team they could frame a jersey for wall art (even use a kid sized jersey)... I'll think about it some more and post more stuff...

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    edited to add...
    You could make those 'go team' flags out of felt in his favorite team's colors and use them for a valence... Wallies makes a sports themed package that has basketballs in it... this website has basketball drawer pulls (you could also use these on the closet doors)... Here is a rug (scroll down some)... And here is a beanbag chair

    Hope that helps!

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