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    Default what to do when out of crib?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum since I'm new to the toddler boards, but thought I'd try here first...

    my babies are 21 mos now and use their cribs for 1 hr. a day when I take a shower, eat breakfast, etc. Otherwise, they sleep with us in our bed, or I sleep in their room with them on a full-size mattress on the floor. I'm wondering when we should stop using their cribs alltogether, in fear of them jumping out! Then what do I do with them when I need to shower, or be away from them for a short while? We have a pnp in the basement, but with 2 babies, they would exceed the weight limit. Plus, wouldn't they jump out of that too?

    When did your babies start climbing out, and what did you do once you took down the crib?



    twin girls 7.20.02
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    Default RE: what to do when out of crib?

    My first never tried to crawl out but we took her out at 27 months so we could use it for our second. We moved her into a full size bed and left it on the floor until she got used to being in it. After a month, we took it off the floor and pushed it against the wall so we only have to use one bed rail. I didn't want to go down the toddler bed route simply because I had to buy another mattress anyway.
    If you are not going to be reusing your crib mattresses, you could try toddler beds or simply try to get them to nap in the full size bed in their room. It will take some time to transition because they will discover they have freedom!

    I put both my girls in the saucer or jumper while in the shower. Since they can't get out of either one and have never tried, I always had good luck that way.

    By the way, notice my first DD's name! Her middle name is Elise!

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    spu Guest

    Default RE: what to do when out of crib?

    Charlotte Elise - what great names! :)


    twin girls 7.20.02
    charlotte + else

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    Default RE: what to do when out of crib?

    For ideas:
    Babyproof the entire bathroom and just bring them in with you - my showers are about 5 mins. max - or take a shower the night before - or bring everyone into the shower LOL

    Our first floor is pretty much babyproof - gates/door handle locks, etc. - so I can run down to the cellar and throw a load of laundry on,etc.

    You could always try one of those "kiddie corrals" - I believe it called a "superyard".


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    Default RE: what to do when out of crib?

    Why do you even have the cribs if they don't sleep in them? I have twins as well, and when I needed to shower, etc when they were younger I would put them in thier playpens. They are about 28 months now and I can have them in my room with me. They will watch Sesame Street, etc. when I shower.

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