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    ryanjared Guest

    Default Awesome Toddler Sheets!

    I ordered some sheets from this website and I couldn't believe how beautiful they were! The sheets are safety sheets so you put the bottom sheet all the way around the mattress. Then there is a top sheet that has elastic at the bottom. It also comes with a standard pillowcase. The awesome part was that I had a comforter that I wanted to match. The lady had a lot of fabrics in stock but I really had something else in mind. She went out and found the fabric for me. I just got them in the mail and I can't wait to put them on my son's bed! He is going to LOVE them. You have to check it out. The lady's name is Cheryl Cushing and I will order more sheets from her. In fact, I am going to get some for gifts. Check it out!

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    Sarah Marshall Guest

    Default RE: Awesome Toddler Sheets!

    Sorry, guys! I was wrong about the top sheet having elastic at the bottom. Even better, it has a pocket to attach the mattress. There is no chance of baby getting tangled up in these sheets!

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    gramma2hannah Guest

    Default RE: Awesome Toddler Sheets!

    I hope it is ok for me to post this message...

    Thanks so much for the nice complement and thanks for correcting the post about the top sheet. There is no elastic, but does have a pocket to keep the top sheet from coming off. I appreciate your comments about me and so happy that you like your sheets.:-)

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