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    Default Reuse of Mattress???

    For Declan's crib we're using the Colgate Classica I foam mattress. It's hard as a rock but he seems okay sleeping on it. Now that he's older I'm considering using this mattress for the new baby and getting Declan a softer mattress that he'll continue to use on the toddler bed. So I guess my question is:

    Is it safe to reuse the foam mattress - note there are no divets/depressions and it *looks* okay but is it for a newborn? Thanks!

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    Default RE: Reuse of Mattress???

    Well I don't know the official answer but we used our Colgate Classica for both kids. We just turned it over for baby #2 even though there were no depressions.

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    Default RE: Reuse of Mattress???

    We used our hard as a rock Colgate Classica for 3 years straight with no problems! Alas, it is now in the closet as both kids are in twin beds now. It does make an appearance occasionally if one of the kids pulls it out to use as a stage or trampoline! :)

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