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    I can't answer your question about the safety of the mattress but I am one who had success in transitioning a not-quite 20-month-old to a twin bed. We didn't put the mattress on the floor, but we bought a bed from IKEA that was very low to the ground. We had no problem at all, much to my surprise. I am sure this had something to do with the fact that we did this when we moved, and it was his first room--previously his crib was in our bedroom but he actually co-slept with us. It also helped that his best buddy had a twin bed also, so DS saw his friend's "big boy" bed and wanted the same thing.

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    Default RE: More Bed Questions-sorry, long

    We transitioned DD to a regular mattress (on the floor at first) at age 18 months with no problems. We plan to do the same for DS when he is 18 months in July. To see if it will work, can you get your son to nap on the twin mattress? Then he would have a chance to warm up to it in daylight.

    I think the pillow-top thing is okay, but if you are worried could you turn the mattress upside down?

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    Default More Bed Questions-sorry, long

    I am going to be transitioning DS to a bed soon in prep for his little brothers arrival. He'll only be 19 months but I really don't want to purchase another crib. I have been reading old posts about this but I am still confused.....

    I still can't decide between going with a toddler bed (we'll have to purchase one, plus an addt'l crib mattress) or a twin (which I have). I really think the twin (on the floor) will still be to big for him-he's not even 2 yet! It's just that I already have the twin and the catcher is that right now it is in little brothers room (guest room up until now) and I really have no place to put it. No basement -It may be able to squeeze into my parents basement -but I hate to inconvienience them (it will paratially block some storage shelves).

    My question, which may help narrow this down, is about mattress safety. The twin we have is a Kings Down pillow top (which is sapposed to be a mold-to-yo type, I think. Not a traditional coil mattress, but not one of those space-foam thingees either). Is there any concern about the amount of a support a mattress has or if its too pillow-y?

    Any other adivice in this area appreciated! (esp. if you have experience with a babe under 2 in a twin/toddler bed). My main concern is
    1. Is the mattress safe for him and
    2. Is it realistic to put an 18 month old directly into a twin?


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    Default RE: More Bed Questions-sorry, long

    FWIW, we are shopping for a full-size bed for our 18-month old. We don't want to buy additional furniture when she gets older so we figure we'll get her something nice now to last until she leaves home. She's always co-slept and sleeps alone now in our queen size bed so I don't anticipate any problems with her having her own bed.

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